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What’s the hair cuticle?

To learn more about the composition of the hair.

The hair structure consists of the stratum corneum, cortex and medulla. The outermost layer is the "cuticle," which is comprised of intertwined colorless scales of keratin lending to the elasticity, water-resistance and the thickness of the hair. This is the first line of defense for hair.

The cuticles help to prevent damage to the cortex. Cuticle remained with inner moisture and nutrition locked. Once the cuticle is damaged, the hair becomes very weak.

The structure of the hair

The structure of the hair

To learn more about the advantages of the virgin cuticle hair.

100% young girl’s ponytail, only from one donor

Pure color, no ash color, very soft, silky and tangle free

Cuticle intact, 1-3years lifetime

Gentle processing to ensure healthy high-quality products

How our products are made?

To learn about healthy and gentle processing

How to select raw hair meterials ?

The raw materials must be the finest young girls' ponytails/braids from one donor, never been colored/permed/hurt in any way before, which have the most healthy cuticle, moisture and protein. Such materials are usually from the mountains of south China. We guarantee we never use old women's hair!

With the improvement of living standards, more and more girls like to dye and perm their hair. So the materials are very rare and difficult to collect huge quantities.

The raw materials we use only 20% of the braids raw materials market, about 2% of the whole raw hair materials market.

In order to control the quality of the raw materials, all the raw materials are purchased by our boss Louis who has 20-years experience in selecting raw hair materials.

Before bleaching, at first, removing all the hairs that are shorter than 6 inch to ensure hair ratio. Then according to the hair texture and color level, all selected hairs will be divided into different groups to get expectant color hairs.

Next cutting the unnutritive hairs end and washing the rest. At last, doing wet tangle test to pick out the reversed hairs to ensure the cuticles are in the same direction.

How to ensure cuticle not damaged during processing?

The hairs are soaked for 12 hours in nutrient solutions before bleaching to form a protective film which protects the hair from damage during bleaching.

Remove melanin slowly, usually take 7-10 days.

All treatments are used gentle chemicals without any acid to bleach hair. So our hand could be touched the bleaching hair directly.

This slow and gentle process keeps the hair cuticle intact.

How to dyeing ?

Basic color obtained after bleaching directly affects the final color.

We colored with Korean dye, the new pigment molecules will occupy the space of original melanin.

Special healthy dyes are harmless to the human body, many gray and crazy color for your choice.

Not fade after use long time

Our QC department

Our QC department executes strict quality control standards for raw hair, colored hair and finished products. Quality checking include:

Comparing color difference from dying to drying and making correction;
Control the accurate time for avoiding hair destroy during the bleaching;
Make sure not use the loss hair when hair combing and trimming;
Color and other quality standard double checking before package.

If you are looking for a friendly and knowledgeable hair extension supplier for all your hair extension needs.

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