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Whatsapp: +86 156 3384 6810

E-mail: info@venus-grace.com

Why us?

frequently asked questions

What quality hairs do you supply?

We are mainly provide Virgin Cuticle Hairs, popular in worldwide hair extensions high-end market.

Why choose your Virgin Cuticle Hair extensions?

Virgin Cuticle Hair extensions are made of a young girl’s ponytail, only from one donor! Only need washing and gentle processing to ensure healthy and high-quality products. Intact cuticles, full moisture and protein, softer, smoother and more natural shine! Normally it could last 1-3years.

How long can your hair extensions last?

 Normally it could last 1-3 years with correct caring.

What method of hair extensions can you supply?

All methods of hair extensions can be offered! Mainly including tape-in, keratin, weft, clip-in, flip-in, ponytails, bulk.

What color can you supply? I can’t find my color!

Click here to pick colors from our color chart! In addition to single colors, you can also choose some single colors to form Ombre colors, Pian colors and Mixed colors! If you can’t find your colors, contact us now! For our VIP customers, colors can be customized.


If you are looking for a friendly and knowledgeable hair extension supplier for all your hair extension needs.

Please give us a call: 86 186 6187 5646 OR Mail us: info@venusgracehair.com

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